Hosted Verification

Shufti Pro Hosted Verification Page (HVP) Solution

We understand that many of our potential clients fall short of the much-needed technical expertise to integrate our services but we don’t want you to fall behind your competitors. Let Shufti pro provide customization and integration services for your business

Shufti pro hosted verification page (HVP) solution


Shufti Pro HVP service creates a virtually
customized solution, offering:



Webpage design is
UX/UI customized

webpage UR

Unique URL

The webpage URL will be
unique according to the
name of your business

Additional Data Parameters

Additional Data Parameters

Additional data parameters
for KYC verification

Color Scheme

Color Scheme

You can provide your desired
logo and color scheme for web

How does it work?

Customer tell us their requirement

Customer tells us their requirements

Step 1
shufti pro develops hosted verfication page URL

Shufti pro develops Hosted Verification Page URL

Step 2
Clients are redirected to customer's URL

Clients are redirected to customer’s URL

Step 3
verification is completed under customer's logo

Verification is completed under customer’s logo

Step 4
After verification client is redirected to customers platform

After verification client is redirected to customer’s platform

Step 5

Why Shufti Pro
Hosted Verification?

    • To start KYC without technical knowledge
    • To meet customer requirements
    • To assist businesses resolve compliance issues
    • To fulfill the need for developer support
Shufti pro hosted verification page (HVP) solution