Customised User Experience designed only for your business

Get a customised Hosted Verification Page (HVP) for your end-users. Give a better user experience with a smooth user journey unique to your business

  • UI/UX Customisation of the verification process
  • Additional Data Parameters for KYC Verification
  • Choice of Your Logo and Color Palette
  • Unique URL


Shufti Pro HVP service creates a virtually customised user journey for your customers

User Upload

UI/UX Unique to your business

We design hosted identity verification page according to your business needs including UI/UX customisation


Unique URL

The webpage URL where your clients will be redirected for verification will be uniquely developed only for your business and will look something like this:


Additional Data Parameters

Add data parameters for KYC verification as per your business requirements to develop a customised risk cover

Verification Result

Color Scheme

You can provide your business logo and color palette and we deliver a look and feel that remains consistent with your brand identity

How will your end-user journey work with a hosted verification page for identity verification?

Custom made HVP ensures fully optimised end-user journey while giving you liberty to use tailored IDV processes for your business

Fraud prevention

Step 1

HVP developed with client’s customised details (logo, URL, color, verification checks, etc.)

Regulatory compliance

Step 2

End-user redirected to custom made HVP under client’s url

Customer experience

Step 3

After verification end-user is redirected to client’s website


Why Shufti Pro Hosted Verification Page?

  • To start KYC without any development
  • To give a frictionless customer experience
  • To adopt custom built KYC and AML compliance processes
  • To adopt a verification process in line with your brand identity

Manual KYC checks are inherently time-consuming and inefficient across industries. With frequent changes in compliance regimes and competitive need for giving frictionless online customer experience real time KYC is being rapidly adopted across the globe

Read Shufti Pro annual identity verification report 2023 to explore the global trends in identity verification and fraud


Shufti Pro fraud report 2022

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