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Identity Verification

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with Face and IDs

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We Verify


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Know True Identity of Your Customers in Real-time:

With the increasing data breaches, Identity thefts, and account takeover, Businesses struggle to combat expanding sophisticated attacks. Adapting the reliable way to verify the online identity of an individual can improve the conversion rate and detect fraud in real-time complying with Global KYC/AML regulations.

Before any transaction, approval or access we must verify,

Who are you?

Shufti Pro brings you key solutions to answer the predicament. A complete API and SDK based Digital KYC platform to verify online identities; approve real customers and deter fraudulent attempts.

We help make your digitization process  frictionless and risk free.

Shufti Pro empowers its clients to validate the identities of end-users on their own using different
verification services.

Verify in just

30 Seconds

  1. Capture a Selfie of your Face
  2. Capture an image of ID Card
  3. Capture an image of Address Document

Users may also upload image of their Face, ID and Address Document*

Shufti Pro uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm combined with human intelligence to ensure the remote presence of an authenticated individual. Shufti pro’s exceptional identity verification is beyond traditional verification methods, establishing the trusted customer base with a higher level of assurance.

Identity Verification

at a glance

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True Identities

Liveness & Anti-Spoofing
Comparison with Image on ID
Device, IP and Geolocation Logs
Nationality & ID Number
Mobile 2FA
Consent Verification

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Genuine Documents

Forgery, Photoshop Detection
Rainbow and Microprint Check
Font, Edges and Format Review
MRZ Code, Hologram Print
ID Issue & Expiry Check
Name, DoB, Age Verification

All verification attempts are carefully assessed by

  • Artificial Intelligence (automatically)
  • Human Intelligence Experts (manually)
Verification Status

In depth review of each case

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Proof of Verification
with live video clip

Data Extraction

Data Extraction
for pre-filling

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Download Report of
Verification (.pdf)

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IP, Geolocation &
Device assessment.

A Global Marketplace for Identity Verification Services

Customize Shufti Pro’s IDV services to meet your business compliance requirements, mitigate risks
and online frauds, onboarding genuine end-users.

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  • In-depth picture of data handling in Privacy Policy
  • Consent Management as per Article 7 GDPR
  • Risk based approach as per FATF, & FINCEN
  • Flexible API to customise verification journey
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  • 256-bit encryption on all devices
  • ISO-27001 certified Dedicated Servers in EEA
  • PCI DSS 3.3 Compliant PAN Masking
  • Certified IT Infrastructure and strict firewall

Quick and Easy Integration

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Shufti Pro receives Identity document from its customer and does not interact with end-user directly. Verification results are forwarded to its customers in real-time.

Onsite Verification

Shufti Pro interacts with end-users directly, collects identity document from them and forwards Verification results to both the end-user and Shufti Pro’s clients.