Know Your Customer – KYC

Harness the power of AI-powered identity verification with a multitude of tools to provide your customers with an unparalleled onboarding experience.

  • Real-time KYC verification for results in seconds
  • Robust & impenetrable security against synthetic identity fraud
  • Extensive global reach over 240+ countries & territories
  • Successfully mitigate the risk of financial crime
  • Truly borderless verification supported in 150+ languages
  • Intuitive & no-code verification journey builder
  • Customer satisfaction rate of 98%
  • Multilingual OCR data extraction


Face Verification

Seamless onboarding that successfully combats ID theft, impersonation and facial spoofing attacks via advanced machine learning algorithms and AI-powered Facial verification.
End users submit their ID via image capture and this is verified against a selfie-based image or video and verification is complete within seconds - with verification results and proof stored in [back-office].

  • Real-time verification within seconds
  • Skin texture analysis
  • Duplicate accounts detection
  • 3D depth detection
  • 3D mask detection
  • Replay spoofing attacks detection
  • Presentation attacks detection
  • Image distortion analysis

Document Verification

Robust document verification that ensures obstruction of identity spoofing and document fraud. End users simply capture and submit an image of their ID and Shufti Pro' intelligent, OCR-powered engine extracts all necessary data.
Our AI-powered Document Verification system then validates the ID document format and information in seconds.

  • Swift & secure customer onboarding
  • Crumpled/folded edges detection
  • Image spoofing detection
  • Mitigate morphing attacks
  • Counterfeit and tampering detection
  • Glare or reflection manipulation
  • Document microprints checking
  • Holograms/rainbow prints verification
  • Handwritten & digital document verification
  • Efficiently process new ID documents in less than 2 Days

Address Verification + Enhanced Address Verification

Validate customer details to safeguard your organisation against the growing threat of fraud. Ensure further robust verification with our Enhanced Address Verification tool to validate addresses against local and global databases and delivery service providers for an extra layer of security.

    Standard Address Verification:

  • Document originality check
  • Address verification without OCR
  • Expiry date check

    Enhanced Address Verification:

  • Document originality check
  • Address verification with OCR
  • Document country check
  • Document type check
  • Address parsing/ decomposition
  • Address look-up using databases
  • Address formatting/standardisation
  • Distance locator
  • Global site checks for proof of existence

2 Factor

Add an extra layer of security to platform, account and service access and login with 2FA through mobile or email passcodes.

  • Enhanced security with a custom OTP message
  • Automated biometric fraud safeguards
  • Credential stuffing attacks detection
  • Identity assurance
  • Combat man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Cross-environment mobility

Face Biometric Authentication

Revolutionise your customer onboarding process with a robust and passwordless journey through our state-of-the-art biometric solution.

  • Enhanced sign-in process
  • 3D facial mapping
  • Behavioral biometric approach
  • Swift authentication via selfie
  • Intrinsic facial movement detection
  • Knowledge-based authentication

Video KYC

Onboard and verify customer identities completely remotely with our AI-based video KYC interview, conducted by your own staff or use our regional and international human verification experts for elevated security. 

  • Digital identification
  • Liveness detection
  • Imposter attack detection
  • Comply with video KYC regulations in Germany, India, Spain, Portugal, and other countries
  • Borderless identity verification
  • On-going KYC with experts
  • Prevent identity cloning

Enhanced Due Diligence

Use of innovative EDD service to empower your business with the ability to gather a wide range of customer data seamlessly, through a multitude of diverse EDD models.

  • Extensive range of information collection
  • Predefined Industry EDD models
  • Efficient and globally compliant data storage and management
  • Advanced data reporting mechanisms


With Shufti Pro’s global team of IDV Specialists, KYC verification experts and KYC compliance officers stationed in every corner of the world, our team is dedicated to ensuring your business has the right tools for global IDV – verify anyone from anywhere in the world with ease.


Minimising drop-offs, increasing conversions & maximising growth with digital KYC practices.

Our newest KYC features

At Shufti Pro we understand the rapidly evolving virtual landscape for businesses, being propelled into a state of chaos and confusion when trying to keep up with fast-paced digitisation can often lead to gaps in security, compliance and incur huge costs - which is why we do it for you.
Our commitment to the fight against fraud and financial crime, whilst simultaneously ensuring global compliance and smooth customer onboarding is exemplified in our constant KYC solution upgrades and added features.

  • Duplicate Account Detection
  • Drag and drop KYC Verification journey builder
  • Customisable iFrame colors and logos for branding
  • Flexibility to choose ID document formats to be accepted
  • Verification journey conveniently optimised with the least number of clicks and screens
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for employees to securely access multiple corporate channels
  • Data retention policy to meet data privacy regulations
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Journey Builder

Discover the Ease of a code-free Verification Journey with Shufti Pro Journey Builder.

  • Personalize white-label solution
  • User-friendly Drag & Drop Interface
  • Code-free custom flow creation
  • Instant verification link generation
  • Real-time preview of the created journey  
  • Customisable verification journey
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Tailored Approach

KYC Integration: Seamless, Secure, & Swift

Take the next step in digital identity verification. With our online KYC integration, you're not only embracing technology but a promise of excellence, efficiency, and exceptional security.

Our KYC integration promises:

  • Real-time Sync
  • Robust Security Protocols
  • Dedicated Support
  • Flexible Integration Options
  • Cross-platform Support

Instant, AI-Driven KYC Verification

Simplify authentication and enhance fraud protection with Shufti Pro. Swiftly onboard using our advanced Identity Verification Solutions.

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Ensure the highest standards of privacy and security with Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro keeps in check the international data and cybersecurity guidelines regarding the privacy and security of your customer data.

  • GDPR