After Targeting 30 People, the “Major Identity Theft Player” Got Arrested by MPD

  • Richard Marley
  • September 23, 2020
  • 2 minutes read
  • 102

Roseanna Russell, who the police call ‘mega player’, got caught by the Mobile police. The reports say that 30 victims of the ring have been identified, and there is a high probability of more victims. The lady is also charged for crimes in two other states in the US.

Mobile Police Department arrested Russell on Monday from a mobile home where she tampered documents and made fake identities. 

The court documents state that the culprit is accused of stealing a 2020 Ford Mustang from a dealership, $1500 from Theodore business, and she is also accused of stealing the identity of a lady in Georgia. 

The law enforcement authorities on both sides of the Bay know Russell very well. Since 2007, she has been in and out of the Baldwin jail. A 2012 court document further states that the accused wrote a letter to the judge requesting him to let her out. In the same letter, she blamed one of her family members for all the charges. 

Russell’s family is also accusing someone else of the crimes. The crimes majorly include identity theft, property theft, and trafficking in stolen identities. 

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