Australian Government Introduces $800 Million Budget for New Technology and Expands Digital Identity Checks

The Morrison government has announced an $800 million budget for expanding digital identity checks and adding new technology. 

The Australian government is finalizing the budget for reducing the unemployment rate and the federal budget deficit of $200 billion. The biggest part of the new funding in this digital business plan is $420 million that will ensure that companies can quickly verify, update, and maintain their business records in one location. 

The second biggest part of the plan includes $257 million for the digital identity program whose aim is to reduce the cost and effort of interacting with the government. Approximately 70 percent of government services can be accessed via the digital identity program by 1.6 million residents and 1.16 million businesses. 

According to Morrison, several organizations moved to virtual systems during the pandemic, and this package will provide significant assistance to move with the digital push. The plan will support the state’s economic recovery by removing old regulatory obstacles, enhancing the productivity of small businesses, and providing security. 

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