Dark Web Becomes a Haven for Insurance Fraud

  • Richard Marley
  • November 26, 2020
  • 2 minutes read
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Dark Web has recently become a growing market for unemployment insurance fraud and fraudsters can get a detailed guide on how they can steal from the state through the unemployment program. For a few dollars now the thieves can have access to complete information including a person’s name, their SSN number, ID card information, address, and their date of birth.

Due to COVID-19, the states are made to process 10 times more than the UI claims. Along with this, states are asked to expand the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to those Americans who were self-employed and previously were not considered eligible for conventional UI programs.

People can also buy fake tax returns through the dark web and use it to show the self-employment income and take illegally $600 per week. A lot of the PUA claims are fake in many countries.

There are many reports that suggest that UI fraud is being used to fund operations.

The funds stolen through these means are then further used in illegal activities like drug trafficking, human trafficking, and smuggling weapons. There is also much evidence exists that proves that these funds are also used to fund terrorist operations. Governments are struggling with limited resources to fight these criminal activities and often they are outdone by the criminals.