Fake Vaccination Certificates Becoming a Full-blown Industry in 29 Countries

  • Richard Marley
  • September 20, 2021
  • 2 minutes read
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Thousands of fake vaccination certificates are being sold on the dark web, and through the messaging app Telegram, for a price as low as USD 75. 

With most countries focusing their efforts on vaccinating the citizens, fake COVID-19 certificates have become a much bigger problem. A new report by Check Point Research has discussed how fake vaccination certificates are becoming an industry of their own in 29 countries. 

According to a Check Point Research update, the black market for fake vaccine certificates has expanded across 29 countries, 10 of which include Austria, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, and India. 

A single fake vaccination certificate in India is being sold at a price of USD 75 (INR 5,520), states the report.

The report adds that by March 2021, the majority of fake coronavirus certificates were being advertised on the Darknet. With more consumers engaging in the creation and purchase of these certificates, the process has come to Telegram – an instant messaging platform that is proving to be much more convenient than the Darknet.

“Check Point Software has been studying the Darknet and Telegram for coronavirus-related activities all year. Vendors are choosing to advertise and do business on Telegram because Telegram is less technical to use compared to the Darknet, allowing them to reach an inordinate amount of people, fast,” Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerability Research at CPR stated.

The report further suggests that the number of individuals producing fake vaccination certificates has grown “exponentially”, growing from approximately 1,000 sellers in August 2021 to nearly 10,000 sellers in September 2021.

“I strongly recommend people to not engage these sellers for anything, as these vendors are after more than just selling you fake vaccination cards,”  Vanunu advised.

With most countries mandating Covid-19 certificates, verification of these documents have become equally important. COVID Certificate Verification is facilitating numerous industry sectors, including cinemas, airports, and shopping malls, by verifying Covid-19 certificates through a fully automated process. With the use of AI technology, the solution effectively weeds out fraudulent vaccination certificates within seconds. 

With fake vaccination certificates becoming a new scheme of fraud in 29 countries, digital COVID Certificate Verification has become the tool of the hour. 

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