Japanese Gaming Giant Capcom Fell Victim to Cyberattacks


The famous gaming giant, Capcom, is being blackmailed by cyberattackers to pay $11 million bitcoin in exchange for data security. 

Capcom, a Japanese gaming firm, the developers of famous games like Resident Evil, the Street Fighter, etc. has fallen victim to the data breach. Through the ransomware attack, the cyberattackers have been able to steal confidential information and now they threaten to leak the information if not paid $11 million in bitcoin.  

At the start of November, Capcom released a press release confirming that the group has been attacked by cybercriminals. Some systems, files, and emails have been affected by the attack. Although no customer data was breached. The gaming group is already in contact with the law enforcement authority to investigate further into the attack. 

The cyberattack has been a major concern in Japan lately. Similarly, in Oct 2020, Government and schools in Japan faced extortionists asking for bitcoins. Nikkei Japan also confirmed that there is a group Ranger Locker that has illegally downloaded 1tb worth of sensitive information from Capcom. The data includes personal information of the employees as well as customers. The company is to report to these attackers by 8 am on Nov 11 if they do not wish for a data leak. 

Another media organization in Japan, Ashi Shimbun, has also disclosed that Capcom’s internal servers have been violated through a ransomware attack. The company operations have been suspended for now.