Ledger Owners Scammed worth 1.1 Million XRP

Earlier this year Legsdger customers faced a leak of email and personal information. Now they are facing a phishing attack.

Lately, the ledger wallet is facing a rise in online scams and phishing attacks. One of the scams stole worth 1,150,000 XPR from the victims. A fake version of the ledger’s website was directed through a fake email. Once the victims were on the fake site, they were manipulated into downloading malware that stole the balance from their wallet.

Quite similarly, a phishing email is sent from an account that appeared to be from the official team of Ripple offering giveaways as a part of the Community Support Program. In order to register, the victim has to handover their crypto private key.

On 29th July 2020, Ledger acknowledged that the data breach is a concern in the ledger wallet, and around one million email addresses were compromised. Personal details of 9,500 customers were also compromised. Even though the leak was immediately corrected but the damage was already done. Now the scammers are using different and creative ways to fool the users into giving in their coins.

This way of crypto scam and phishing attacks is not something new. Scammers have been using this tactic to attack the users for the whole year now.

A community-run fraud awareness site states that XPR collected from a scam was sent across 5 deposits to Bittrex and this exchange was unsuccessful to stop the XRP in time.