Nevada Takes Measures to Combat Unemployment Insurance Fraud


District of Nevada’s Office of U.S Attorney has shown concerns about the rise in unemployment insurance fraud in the State of Nevada. Law enforcement agencies in the State are now prepared to take measures against such endeavors. 

A special prosecutor will be hired to combat the fraudsters exploiting the unemployment insurance fraud.

U.S. Attorney Nicholas Trutanich said, “If fraudsters don’t understand it by now, they should quickly realize that our office is prioritizing the investigation and prosecution of those trying to exploit the unemployment system and harm Nevadans in need.” 

A newly hired Assistant Attorney will prosecute the fraudsters in unemployment claims and will also prosecute criminals illegally using CARES Act funds. Federal authorities have now allocated significant funding to illicit activities. 

The Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation of the Nevada State has been fighting unemployment insurance fraud since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are thousands of unemployed citizens who have fallen prey to this fraud and have yet to receive their benefits.   

The U.S Attorney’s Office reports that a man named Alan Ray has been charged with multiple unemployment debit cards under someone else’s name. 

Prosecutors say that a casino in Las Vegas has also reported to the law enforcement authorities about finding 24 debit cards. 

The neighbouring State of California is also witnessing the growing issue of unemployment insurance fraud.