Russian Government to Fight Cybercrimes for Digital Economy

A report by TASS news agency states that the Russian government plans to develop a center to fight cybercrimes, phishing attacks, and telephone spam. 

The ministry has begun testing the information of all states to look for security breaches. This is a measure taken to prevent even the smallest of risks that might disrupt the system.

To prevent telephone fraud, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communication, and Mass Media is developing a working group including the representations from the largest mobile operators, Ministry of Internal Affairs, credit institutions, the federal security service, and the Bank of Russia.  

Russian Federation Security Council Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, has disclosed an agenda to create “a cyberpolygon designed for training information security specialists.”

It has also been noted by the former Prime Minister that the use of artificial intelligence can also lead to a rise in challenges faced by state security. “For all states, this is a priority topic and, of course, we are talking about creating a reliable system to protect people, business, and the state from various information threats, including cyber fraud, the problems with which have become more and more serious during the pandemic”- Medvedev

Worldwide PwC research states that 42% of Russian companies are already on a mission to increase cybersecurity specialists in 2021. They are also aiming to increase their budget on cybersecurity.

Growth in demand for specialists regarding cybersecurity in Russia. Due to this, a rise in job vacancies for cybersecurity specialists has been seen. However, to fight cybercrimes and phishing attacks, more consideration should be given to more advanced and easy to use verification solutions.