Shufti Pro’s Age Verification Solution Approved by KJM

  • Richard Marley
  • December 23, 2020
  • 3 minutes read
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Germany’s Commission for media, Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz (KJM), has approved Shufti Pro’s age verification solution for the protection of minors. Now, the German Media can utilize Shufti Pro’s age verification solution to prevent minors from accessing content that is not suitable for their age. 

After analyzing the Shufti Pro’s age verification solution in detail, the German platform KJM has finalized that this solution is intact with all their legal and technical requirements. They have declared that Shufti Pro’s age verification is viable for the German media distributors to utilize as an age-gate solution. 

KJM is a regulatory body in Germany that is responsible for the protection of underage citizens from the media. KJM is a major authority in state media authorities and they keep a check on the regulations regarding the media and decide on consequences if any organization is found violating these provisions. 

KJM chairman Dr. Marc Jan Eumann speaks about age verification systems, “With this year-end spurt, the number of age verification systems rated positively by KJM in 2020 rises to a total of 18. This record is a sign that the need for youth protection-compliant solutions for the German market as well as the perception of KJM is the first Contact person on this topic increases. I am pleased that KJM’s offer to offer providers legal certainty by reviewing their concepts has been so well received.”

Shufti Pro is providing AI-based solutions to a global clientele and holds its pride in delivering competent solutions to fight evolving fraud. The age verification solution of Shufti Pro provides an easy way to onboard legitimate clients while securing minors from accessing age-restricted content and goods. The solution is designed to minimize the friction in the customer onboarding process in order to avoid cart and platform abandonment by mature clients due to lengthy age verification checks. 

Minor protection is of the essence when it comes to applying age verification checks. The age verification solution of Shufti Pro is designed keeping in view several techniques that minors use to manipulate the age checks systems, such as using an adult’s ID card. The solution uses multiple-factor authentication and verifies the date of birth verification through documents while performing biometric authentication through real-time face verification. 

Minors these days, due to the excess use of the internet, are easily exposed to content that can be harmful to their health as well as their mental development. This is why the Shufti Pro offers an age verification solution that enables organizations to shield minors from acquiring age-in-appropriate products and remain safe from the consequences of the regulators.

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