Study Reveals Alabama to be the Center for Identity Theft and Fraud

According to the latest study, Alabama has become the state with one of the highest rates of identity theft and fraud. Alabama has now ranked in the top 20 states with fraudulent activities.

The study revealed that around 11,762 data breaches have occurred from 2005 to 2020, affecting several popular companies resulting in compromising the personal information of many Americans. The total compromised data record estimates up to 1.6 billion.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected several business sectors. The study states that due to the pandemic, identity theft and other scams have increased in regard to federal stimulus payments issued.

It has also been noted that some of the citizens of the USA are more vulnerable than others and they are expected to become the victim of identity theft more than the others.

In order to discover the risk rate of fraud across America, all the states and the District of Columbia were examined and compared through 14 key metrics. Some of the metrics examined were, ‘Data Disposal Laws by State’, ‘Persons Arrested for Fraud per Capita’, ‘Average Loss Amount Due to Online Identity Theft’, and ‘Identity-Theft Complaints per Capita’.

The state of Florida has been declared the number one state to be the most vulnerable state. It has the highest rate of fraudulent activities, especially identity theft. The least vulnerable state was Wyoming.