The Next Big Step- Blockchain-Based E-voting


A Japanese firm, Layer X labs, has decided to work on the development of voting electronically by using blockchain tech. With the help of this smart initiative, blockchain security will be ensured in the local elections.  

According to this Japan-based company, this new initiative will use the technical means for electronic voting. Double voting will be prevented and the votes will be rightly secured. The voter confidentiality will also be secured. 

This also allows voters to check the voting results and also verify that the whole process of voting was done correctly by using the blockchain network. 

Layer X aims to utilize this system to shift the government towards this new voting system. Layer X is also working on the problems that are related to administrative service in digital transformation.  

Layer  X has decided to join hands with Tsukuba’s initiative for “smart city” and shift towards the digital world. Due to the push from the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are considering electronic means of voting to maintain social distancing protocols. Russia has already tested this method of e-voting using blockchain technology. France used blockchain applications for its vote on the road project. Democrats in Michigan also successfully used blockchain-based method for their electronic voting platforms.  

However, in order to make voting more secure and honest, a more reliable identity verification solution that verifies the identity of each voter before they are able to cast the ballot.