Twitter Breach – Bitcoin Scams to the Next Level

A massive attack is reported on Twitter accounts of high-profile and well-recognized brands. Hackers targeted the twitter accounts and took cryptocurrency scam to the next level in a duration of a few hours. The scam took place on July 15 in which 130 well-recognized Twitter accounts were abused to promote the Bitcoin scam.

Hackers got access over the accounts of Barack Obama, Kayne West, Joe Biden and many other celebrities and were able to post tweets promising to pay double the amount of Bitcoin payment that will be sent to the digital wallet address for next 30 minutes. 

The attackers employed social engineering tricks and probably gained access to Twitter’s internal administrative tools through which they were able to post the tweets directly. The hackers were able to collect 12 BTC through more than 320 transactions. The digital wallet address was also given on which the users were supposed to send BTC within 30 minutes of posting the tweets.