UAE central bank alerts about fraud attempts related to Coronavirus epidemic

Bank customers are warned of potential fraud by the UAE Central Bank. According to the bank, “Fraudsters always look for opportunities to target consumers and as the public is engaged with COVID-19 pandemic news, fraudsters are using different tactics to increase fraudulent activities on banking customers,”

Customers are alerted of falling victim to fraudsters trying to attain personal and bank account information in the bank’s name. “We at Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) confirm that we never ask consumers about private information such as personal and bank account information, and warn consumers to be alert and aware of malicious phone calls and WhatsApp messages claiming to be from CBUAE, which are of a fraudulent nature,” the statement said.

The people were also instructed to refrain from responding to calls, messages, and opening any hyperlink that may be attached in an email, which may redirect them to a malicious website, and inform authorities immediately if any of the above takes place. The bank stated, “The public should be aware that CBUAE never conducts phone calls (unless a consumer complaint has been logged through the right channels with a reference number) or uses social media to contact individuals or businesses.”

The bank claimed that it is working with the concerned authorities to hamper all sorts of fraudulent and suspicious activities and emphasized the public to report any such incident directly to the concerned authorities. “Make sure you’re on the lookout for anything suspicious, including messages about coronavirus claiming to be from your bank,” the central bank said. “Remember, we’ll never ask you for your PIN or password or ask you to move money from your accounts.”