UAE police show how fraudsters can access your bank account

Abu Dhabi Police has alerted people against the download of unknown apps so they can secure their bank account and credit card information on their devices from cybercriminals and fraudsters.

The warning stated, “Do not download unknown apps. Do not allow these apps to access your contacts, photos if asked for them.” 

Abu Dhabi Police released a video on their Twitter account regarding the information on how cybercriminals can illegally attain bank account details secured in mobile devices and use them for stealing money from the victim’s bank account.

The video displays a Police officer inquiring a suspect for stealing bank account information and defrauding individuals.

The man admits to stealing account details from people by hacking into emails and social media accounts and utilizing the information to loot money from their bank accounts.

Explaining how he obtained the victim’s Whatsapp information, the suspect stated that he provided the victim with an application that hacked into his account.

The man informed the police that his victim couldn’t be tracked because the man has issues in answering phone calls.

He stating that he illegally retrieved Dh350,000 from the victim’s account after successfully attaining his personal bank account details by getting an application downloaded on their device.

Police have alerted people about being watchful for internet fraudsters and avoid storing their personal information on any social media platforms.

The Police advised customers to update their personal information regularly with the bank and save themselves from being a victim of fraud.