WHO Warns about Online Job Scams during COVID-19 Pandemic

A message shared on WhatsApp and Facebook claims that the World Health Organization (WHO) is advertising home-based jobs to “fight coronavirus”. However, there is no such employment offer from the UN health agency, which has warned the public of similar scams.

The message circulating on WhatsApp chat groups in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda claims that the advertised jobs pay $5 to $100 for two to three hours of work each day using a mobile phone. 

The message reads, “Help us fight CORONAVIRUS by working from home – no experience required… Work 2-3 hours daily on mobile and earn $5- $100 daily,” 

It includes a link to a web page where people are invited to apply. The application form asks users for their personal information and requires the post to be shared on WhatsApp. The deadline is stated as July 31, 2020.

However, the claim is false. The WHO in Uganda issued a statement on its official Facebook page on June 11, 2020, warning the public “to disregard” the job advert “because it’s FAKE”. 

Cybercrimes have increased during Covid-19 pandemic. The organisation warns about hackers and scammers using social media and malicious online links to take advantage of people during the COVID-19 pandemic.