Online Gaming Industry

In order to validate the online transactions through digital verification of credit/debit cards, many online companies run through a lot of identity frauds and cost the gaming sites a fortune. Some sites run into problems such as registration of underage individuals. Which sometimes become huge headache for some gaming-sites. Other times it’s just simply very difficult to comply with the traditional KYC regulations. These problems can be avoided and ultimate secure channel can be used for all kinds of registration where user authenticity is of crucial importance. We provide such solution!

The solution

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly around the world and getting bigger with each passing day. Gaming sites have improved tremendously in terms of user experience but now, they can even make the gaming experience more secure by enhancing the membership. Allowing different gaming sites the ease of accurate verification will increase their revenue many fold.

The chance of credit/debit card fraud is tremendously reduced with. It will improve the gaming eco-system like never before! Shufti Pro can be integrated with gaming applications and websites to enable verification of the identity of online users instantly. Another major advantage of integrating Shufti Pro with the gaming application is to reduce the time required for verification process as it provides easy access with its simple UI.