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Proof of Verification



Mode of Verification

User Verification

Ensure who’s who in a unique 30-60 seconds time frame

ID Check

Photoshopped Elements
MRZ Code
Check Hologram
Name, DOB, Card Number

Identity Check

Face Liveness
Micro Expressions
Thermal Opacity
Comparison w/ Image

Documents Check

Tampered Information
Accuracy of Format
Check through crumpled or folded edges

Proof of Verification

Shufti Pro’s unique feature offers a stream of images that
shows every attempted verification step to enhance legitimacy.

Recorded Video Stream

Sequence of Images

24/7 Access

Background Checks

Shufti Pro enables enterprises to forecast and identify financial risks and frauds
to avoid/minimize negative impact by entering user data against watchlists.

Filter Customer Data
Politically Exposed Person (PEP) check
Blacklist Check
Verification against +1000 Watchlists
Highlight Level of Suspicion
Verify Sudden increase in Funds
Verify Frequent Transactions
Flag suspected users


Shufti Pro’s Sophisticated technology generates state of the art results. Our innovative elements
can detect photoshopped/counterfeit items, MRZ codes, Holograms, picture edges
(during video verification), micro expressions, face liveness, 3D tracking and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Image/Video Capture
Immediate Verification
Risk Reporting
Flagging true positives

Human Intelligence

Match Liveness
Static Image/Video Assessment
Apply logic to Assessment
Define standards of Checks


No Plugins
Live Testing
API available
SDK available

Mode of Verification

Shufti Pro offers dual mode of verification process

Video Verification

Real-time process which authenticate users in live mode. Verification is carried out in front of a webcam where users are asked to show their face for biometric check, and documents in front of the camera. The results are acquired through Template Matching.

Still Verification

User friendly process which authenticate user in offline mode. Seamless technique which automates verification processes as users are able to upload items without having to go through live mode.

Documents We Verify

To make processes more streamlined and efficient, Shufti Pro enables clients to choose from multiple options. Need to identity a user via a specific document? We will make it happen!

ID Card Verification

✔ Selfie comparison with card

✔ Physical ID card Detection

✔ Name on ID card

✔ Date of Birth on ID card

Passport Verification

✔ Selfie comparison with card

✔ Real Passport Detection

✔ MRZ Code Validation

✔ Name on passport verification

✔ Date of birth on passport

Driving License Verification

✔ Face Detection

✔ Liveness Detection

✔ Selfie comparison with License

✔ Real Driving License Detection

✔ Name on passport verification

✔ Date of birth on passport

Credit/Debit Cards Verification

✔ Real Credit/Debit card detection

✔ Name on credit/debit verification

✔ First 6 digits of card number

✔ Last 4 digits of card number

Solutions by Industry

At Shufti Pro, we are building an identity management infrastructure to ensure maximum transparency and all an improved business routine. Our services are tailored to individual strategies or organization goals.

Travel & Hospitality
Peer-to-Peer Market

Remote Processes

Verify user credentials for granting access to key features such as ATM transactions, online utility payments and account opening, in order to deter setbacks.

Risk Mitigation

Avoid interference of at risk Person(s) or AI hack bots in the system with Shufti Pro’s approach of using Human DEOs as an additional check on potential users.

AML Compliance

Halt the movement of laundered money or black assets with a premeditated solution of Background Checks conducted against 3000+ Global Watchlists.

Real Time Processes

Streamline security procedure for registration of air tickets, hotel bookings and such by automating documents and payment verification online in less than 60 seconds.

Online Check-ins

Remove threat of identity scam to acquire services by conducting step by step customer verifications to ensure their location.

Credit Protection

Curb the issue of remote payments made through counterfeit credit/debit cards with the help of Shufti Pro’s artificial neuron vision that can detect valid hologram overlays.

Profile Authentication

Determine the validity of academic/records before accepting teaching or freelancing services with Documents Check that analyzes accuracy of format, and photoshopped elements through machine learning.

Establish Identity

Ensure physical identity of a person with Live Verification to select them as a potential tenant, driver, bookkeeper or such via online sign ups.

Frictionless Experience

Avoid systematic barriers with an engaging verification interface to guide user through the process with information pop-ups and voice assistant.

Prevent Chargeback

No more an easy target for friendly fraud! Access an image sequence automatically captured by Shufti Pro as a Proof of Verification in the event of a chargeback claim.

Easy Access

Integrate API or SDK seamlessly into web or application interface with minimum changes and avoid facing checkout abandonment.

Secure Platform

Shufti Pro utilizes top level protection details on data banks, and promotes PAN masking which eliminates possibility of illegal card acquisition.

Age Policy

Maintain your channel standards by disallowing access to case sensitive Rated R games, gambling and poker by minors with Date of Birth verification through ID Checks by Shufti Pro.

Block Cyber Crime

Deter criminals from entering online gaming portals and pursue illegal activity. Utilize Shufti Pro’s thorough background checks which halt the transference of concealed money.

Automate System

Streamline processes with Shufti Pro’s easily integrated user verification medium. Accelerate sign ups and promote “one account per person” standard.

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