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Auto-capture Feature for Selfie biometrics and ID Docs Launched by Shufti Pro to Ease Authentication

  • Teresa Myers
  • March 31, 2021
  • 2 minutes read
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Initially Published on Biometricupdate

Shufti Pro has introduced an auto-capture feature to its ID document and selfie biometric technology to enhance its face verification and document screening solutions.

The new auto-capture capability guides the end-user on placing their identity document within the image, and how to adjust the appearance of their face in the camera, before automatically capturing the images. This, Shufti Pro says, will enable faster biometric authentication and liveness detection, and helps end-users perform verification in any condition, including poor lighting.

Businesses from around the world in various industries use the company’s identity verification and biometric authentication services to prevent fraud, as well as comply with regulatory requirements for KYC and AML screening.

“We are proud to offer an intelligent solution that will provide our customers and their customers with an amplified IDV experience,” comments Shufti Pro CTO Shahid Hanif. “The auto-capture feature makes the solution more efficient by automatically capturing the selfie and ID document photo and reducing verification time.”

Shufti Pro also launched an affiliate program just weeks ago to bring its biometric authentication to more customers in an identity verification market that is expected to double in size in the next five years.

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