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Catch Shufti Pro at the 4th Annual Global Client Onboarding & Data Management Conference

  • Richard Marley
  • June 08, 2022
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London, UK – Globally acclaimed KYC/AML service provider, Shufti Pro is sponsoring and attending the 4th Annual Client Onboarding and Data Management Conference which is going to take place from 9 to 10 June in New York City, USA.

The onboarding process is becoming more complex, especially when considering the different requirements based on regions, client types, business lines and products. Organized by the TBM Group, this year’s conference will offer industry experts a chance to discuss innovative ideas that can ultimately help businesses to ease the customer onboarding process. 

The two-day conference will cover critical topics such as effective data management across client onboarding processes, ensuring seamless end-to-end onboarding for maximum customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The team of Shufti Pro will be attending the Annual Global Client Onboarding and Data Management Conference to address the relevant issues businesses encounter while enrolling customers. The company’s representatives will be giving an insight into the company’s automated and configurable ID verification solutions. Shufti Pro’s KYC, KYB, and AML screening services assist businesses onboard legit customers. Leveraging the AI-powered technology the company provides identity verification services with an accuracy rate of 98.67% in a matter of seconds. 

Victor Fredung, the CEO of Shufti Pro commented, “In times when a lot of businesses face challenges during the client onboarding process, this conference will be an opportunity for industry experts to discuss problems and the possible solutions that can streamline the customer onboarding process.”

Earlier this year, Shufti Pro attended American Banker Payments Forum to highlight the significance of KYC/AML in the payment industry. Acclaimed for its services in the finance industry, the company also attended LendIt FinTech USA and iFX Expo International this year.

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an identity verification service provider offering KYC, KYB, and AML services to help global businesses onboard legitimate customers. The UK-based company has 5 regional offices and has launched 17 different IDV products since its inception in 2017. With the ability to verify 1000’s of ID documents in 150+ languages, Shufti Pro serves customers in 230+ countries and territories. 

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