Press Release

Victor Fredung Neschko takes the reins of Shufti Pro!


BATH, UK, January 22, 2018, Shufti Pro, the recent innovator of Identity Video Verification and KYC in the global market, has announced today that Victor Fredung Neschko, seasoned FinTech innovator and current head of Zensed has been appointed as their new CEO. Fredung has notable experience in payment management and digital financial sector. He has succeeded Richard Fisher, the ex CEO, who has taken charge of business development.

“Taking on the role as CEO of Shufti Pro is enormously exciting. Shufti Pro is already one of the most innovative ID verification companies on the market and getting the chance to work with such a dedicated & well-respected team will be a truly joyful experience. The FinTech market has changed drastically in the last couple of years and I believe our company has the creative space required to meet the new and changing demands in this sector. “ said Victor Fredung Neschko, CEO at Shufti Pro.

The company envisions innovation and believes in redefining the standards of identity and credential management. It is the first of its kind to develop video identification stream for Know Your Customer and ID checks online. The new CEO has been an early adopter of cryptocurrency and has always taken a keen interest in new technologies. With Fredung as its CEO, the team at Shufti Pro aims to redefine its technology with better and sophisticated solutions to support new horizons being discovered in the FinTech world.



Shufti Pro is an identity verification SaaS that offers KYC and AML solutions to worldwide clients. Using a hybrid approach of AI and HI technology, Shufti Pro keeps accuracy results as high as 98.67%. Having verified users in over 232 countries, Shufti Pro is a pioneer in IDV services to cover a large number of countries.

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