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Video KYC for banks and online businesses

How our video onboarding process works

video kyc process
End-user registers
on your platform
video call kyc verification
Live video call
with KYC expert
show the identity document for verification
End-user shows the
identity document
Verification results are delivered
Verification results
are delivered

Shufti Pro’s three video KYC models

Regional KYC

Choose the nationality and language of your human verification expert.

Use your own
KYC experts

For a truly customized process your KYC experts utilize our ID verification software.

Automated AI-
based instructions

AI-supported chat with the end-user in real-time to give them the best tech care.

How video-chat verification
can truly help your business

High assurance

Video-based KYC ensures foolproof security against spoof attacks, deep fakes, and synthetic identities.

No need to hire
KYC experts

Our KYC experts are experienced in cross-checking global identity documents.

Smart regulatory

Making it easier to comply with guidelines for video KYC verification of customers.


Reason why KYC through
video works so well

Thorough customer onboarding solution

  • Real-time interaction between KYC expert & end-user
  • Customized video KYC plans – Choose what you want
  • In sync with changing KYC and AML requirements
  • No need to recruit, train or manage staff for KYC
  • Enhanced document authentication using AI
  • Cost-effective and streamlined customer onboarding

Explore the significance of video KYC for fintech industry. Download white paper – Fintech customer onboarding through Video KYC.

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