Identity verification for fair and free US elections amid COVID-19

  • Richard Marley
  • October 01, 2020
  • 5 minutes read
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US Elections 2020 is the talk of the town these days. But with COVID-19 pandemic going on how will election commission ensure fair and free election?

Is this the time to finally turn to digital identity verification to conduct fair elections?

This article covers the current situation of the election preparation in the US followed by the shortcomings in traditional voting systems. Towards the end, we will discuss how can identity verification can be the best way to achieve fair voting this year.

November 3 is going to introduce a new president for the US. On one hand, every presidential candidate is making effort to make their position strong but on the other hand, they are driving the narrative around the upcoming election’s legitimacy in their own divergent ways. But isn’t this what happens in every election?

Of course, but this time, the ongoing pandemic has made the situation critical. Citizens are scared to step out and authorities are facing challenges to organising fair elections. Donald Trump, amid potential intrusions in the mail-in ballots, showed utter detest for the proposed system. The statement from Trump has questioned the credibility of the mail-in ballots, raising another election challenge.

There should be one method that all presidential candidates can agree to. We believe e-voting through identity verification can lead to secure and fair elections with reliable results not only in the US but in other countries as well.

Mail-in Ballots – What’s the challenge?

Till date, it is said that the US can opt for postal voting that can be secure and safe than in-person voting during this pandemic situation. But President Trump is clearly seen opposing it. Rather, he claims that the postal balloting is going to be an electoral fraud resulting in “rigged” election. This statement from Trump is quite controversial because he himself used mail-in ballot this year but it didn’t stop him from pointing out at states that are willing to take measures for mail-in ballots option.

Trump’s statement about postal ballot outlays different predicaments. The foremost is voter suppression. Postal ballots are not much common, and it’s obvious that if something is undermined, people are not going to use that. Secondly, if the postal balloting isn’t available for any reasons, or is maligned by the president and his representatives then voters will turnout for in-person voting. This will put the citizens at the risk of contracting COVID-19, and voters’ safety can’t be compromised at any cost.

Thirdly, with Trump’s incorrect claims regarding the legitimacy of postal ballots, there’s higher possibility for the President to reject the results in case he loses. The reason is postal ballot is not secure and there’s higher possibility of rigged voting. The votes can be manipulated leading to unfair elections. So what should be done to address these challenges?

Identity verification is the answer!

Online identity verification- the future of e-Voting

Electoral fraud is something we all have witnessed in previous elections. With mail-in ballots there’s a higher possibility of rigged elections. Conducting fair and free election is necessary for any democratic country and with the current pandemic going on, there’s a need for intelligent strategy incorporating secure technology to ensure open elections. Identity verification is the trending phenomenon laying foundation in every industry and e-voting is no different.

Casting a vote is the right of every citizen and that too with their free will. E-voting through face verification can prove to be an effective way to ensure secure election and mitigate any electoral fraud. With the digital identity verification in place, only authorised citizens of the country can caste vote and that too from the comfort of their homes. While in-person ballots pose a potential risk of virus spread, e-voting can be safest way during this pandemic.

Face verification to deter election crimes

Recently, FBI issued a warning on potential election crimes ahead of 2020. The FBI announced a full-fledged list of the election crimes that might turn into fedral crime if the states unable to conduct fair elections.

These crimes are common in every country conducting elections in a traditional way. Every presidential party lookout for various ways to get votes in their favour, either legally or illegally. Through face verification, such election crimes can be combatted since only registered citizens can vote and that too only once. With everything automated, voters will only have to show their face in camera to verify their identity and vote their favorite candidate without any pressure or threats. Also, the officials won’t be able to tamper ballots due to real-time voting results.

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