Ride Sharing Services and ease provided by KYC Services

  • Richard Marley
  • July 04, 2018
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Ride Sharing services might be the hottest form of transportation especially in developed countries but without utilising reliable KYC services, they tend to offer much more danger as compared to comfort to their customers. Highly popular among professionals and younger generation, Ride Sharing services have a lot to benefit from KYC services not only to cut down on losses incurred by identity thefts but they can also rid their service from any driver with a criminal past.

Ride Sharing services are quickly becoming a cost effective alternative to the traditional car services. Conventional means of transport like taxis have fallen in popularity partly because of the ease of use provided by ridesharing services to their customers as compared to regular vehicles for hire. These ride services offer instantaneous confirmation of ride requests, less-expensive rates, and typically a newer and more varied “fleet” of cars made possible by a list of drivers that are working for extra-salary or are not under regular structure of payroll from ride sharing service.

Despite having a popular appeal, ride sharing services are often criticized because of their non-regulated operations and less than casual approach towards their contracted drivers. That is why complaints of misbehavior and unprofessionalism are also heard frequently when it comes to ride sharing services. KYC services seems to have a perfect solution for these complaints.

KYC Services for Ride Sharing services

Ride Sharing services like Uber and many others with similar business model also have a lot to benefit from Digital KYC services. These services will not only help to safeguard company’s interest for customer onboarding process but the captains and drivers of the rides can also be verified against their provided credentials and documents. This will add an additional layer of security to ensure customer trust and credibility towards the ride sharing service.

Ride Sharing services can choose patented technology of Shufti Pro to authenticate driver’s licenses. As part of the verification process, Shufti Pro extracts biometric and alphanumeric data from IDs and applies Artificial Intelligence to authentic  the credential instantly. Ride sharing service will be able to also perform facial recognition match to validate users. Facial recognition feature of an authenticated product like Shufti Pro is as easy as taking a selfie and comparing it to biometric data contained in the government-issued ID. Results are given in seconds, comparing the face biometrics of a selfie to the image on the ID and include a liveness detection test to prevent fraudsters from using static images by ensuring that a live person is in front of the camera.

Why Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro should be an ideal choice for ride sharing companies looking for a reliable KYC services provider. ID Verification services offered by Shufti Pro are available in every country of the world and can verify documents in every language of the world. It means that whether a ride sharing service has business operations spread over a specific country, region or entire globe, Shufti Pro will be of full assistance to its customers, providing flawless digital KYC services. Expansion into a new territory or region with entirely different language or design of official documents will not be an issue with Shufti Pro. ID verification services of Shufti Pro are easily integratable with pre-existing online systems, android or iOS apps and web applications. It means that no new modifications has to be done in the online system of ride sharing service that wishes to bring Shufti Pro onboard for AI powered KYC services.

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