Brazil to Introduce Facial Recognition to Verify People Wearing Masks at Airports

  • Edward lilly
  • October 14, 2020
  • 2 minutes read
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Countries across the globe are taking necessary steps to introduce facial recognition at the airports. The most advancements are seen in France where the CNIL has cautioned all stakeholders to abide by four principles for using facial biometric identification without privacy violation.

The CNIL further says that data for facial recognition is very sensitive and enhanced security measures must be observed. It has also warned that the introduction of new facial recognition technology might risk freedom and privacy rights beyond airports. Service providers and airport managers in France have allied regulatory authorities for guiding them regarding experimentation with face recognition in the long-run.

Under these considerations, CNIL recommends that airports must justify the use of this technology. Obtaining prior consent of the passengers is vital to comply with the GDPR.

Following the introduction of facial recognition in France, Brazil is planning to introduce a facial recognition system that can verify passengers without mask removal. According to the Department of Homeland Security of Biometrics and Identity Security Center in the US have informed that air passengers no longer need to remove face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic for face recognition. The new artificial intelligence algorithms can detect faces with masks.

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