Few Hours Left! Was Mail-in-Ballots Successful?

The US elections 2020 have been exhilarating yet stressful for all the residents. The coronavirus pandemic was another big issue which encouraged mail-in-ballots for voters. However, President Donal Trump was not in favour of postal votings. According to him, postal votings will result in unfair elections and it will be an electoral fraud resulting in rigged elections.

The risk of COIVD-19 resulted in electoral votings that were appreciated by all the US residents but Trump. He was in favour of the absentee voting but postal voting was catastrophic for him. The President also stated there was no end to the votes in the mail-in-ballots system. However, the results are quite opposite according to the news and reports.

As of this moment, Joe Bidden needs only six votes to win the elections. So far, everyone is predicting Bidden to win. Will the elections result in favour of what the majority of the US residents are expecting?

Only a few hours left for the results of the postal votings. There is a high probability that Joe wins the 2020 elections, but will this be acceptable for Donald Trump who was opposing the postal voting system?

If that is the case then what would have been done? Maybe an e-voting system incorporated with a digital verification solution would have been a legitimate answer to Trump’s concerns.

There are so many questions but let’s just hope everything turns out in the best interests of the nation.