Fraudsters Target UK’s £400 Energy Bill Support Scheme through Scam Texts

  • Richard Marley
  • October 03, 2022
  • 3 minutes read
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Fraudsters are taking advantage of the support program initiated for people to lessen the burden of soaring electricity and gas prices. Using links of a fake website, scammers urge people to hand over their personal information and bank details. 

The UK government warns citizens about a fake text message fraud that’s spreading to loot innocent people. The fraudsters claim to be a part of the government. This text scam invites people to apply for the £400 energy bill support scheme and get some relief in their bills. 

Scammers took advantage of new support that has been put in place as a part of the package of measures set to lessen the burden of increasing electricity and gas prices. 

Kicked in on 1 October, the energy price guarantee limit the rise in gas and electricity units’s cost lower as compared to their market value for protecting consumers. It’s automatically delivered through suppliers. 

Whereas in the elctrucity bill for the month of October, households will receive instalment of the £400 Energy Bill Support Scheme. For most of the users, the support of £400 will be applied monthly in six instalments from October 2022 to March 2023 with those who pay through debit seeing it deducted from their energy payments.           

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the scheme with messages that urge people to “apply.” They are give fake links and representing themselves as government officials.  There, people are urged to give their personal data including bank information. 

Offciials gave a warning and said that they have received 139 reports about scam text messages. They said, “You do not need to apply for the scheme, or provide any bank details.”

The government warned people to stay alert to such fraudulent messages. According to officials, “There is no need to apply for the schemes, with most customers receiving today’s support automatically through their electricity bill.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Business and Energy Secretary said, “I urge people today to stay alert to scams. This support will reach people automatically and there is no need to apply.”

He said that it was an extraordinary financial help offered to people that will protect businesses as well as households “across the country from what was going to be an 80 per cent increase in energy bills this winter”. Consumers have been told to report any such scam to 7726. 

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