Japan Considers Facial Recognition to Trace Contact at Large Scale Events


According to the Japan Times report, the country is planning to introduce facial recognition at large-scale events, like the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2021. The coronavirus pandemic is still a threat to all nations of the world. With facial recognition, Japan is planning to trace contact among individuals, any unusual activities at the games, and maintain distance to control spread at the events. 

Sources say that draft proposals have been put forward that include various technologies to combat the virus. The government will unveil the program shortly, and trials will be conducted at tax agencies and other regulatory authorities before launching at the games. 

The drafts also mention that security cameras will have a facial recognition system, and verification records will be cross-checked with the coronavirus patient records.

Facial recognition will allow the authorities to keep a check on all the visitors, and track their movements at the Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021, and all other mega events. 

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