Ransomware attacks rise as criminals target remote working


Ransomware attacks are getting bigger and bolder at a time where many organisations are implementing WFH policy.

Cyber criminals look to spread their file-encrypting malware while many people are working from home. Ransomware attacks have surged during the first half of this year as many businesses are implementing WFH policy due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

A report published on malicious activity throughout the year by Skybox Security’s says ransomware has thrived in the first half of the year, with a 72% increase in new samples of the file-encrypting malware.

While the switch to home working has allowed many organisations and workers to remain productive, it has also brought additional risk; security vulnerabilities in remote-desktop protocols.With the use of weak passwords by staff cyber attackers paved an additional way into networks.

As the remote workers are not trained about cyber security, the attack surface for cyber criminals increased.  

Ransomware has surged, with security departments unable to fully defend networks against attacks. Majority of times, ransomware is so brutally successful at locking down vast swathes of infrastructure of the network, the victim feels as if the only option is to pay the ransom. This can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin.

So the need of the hour is to take proper preventive measures to protect your businesses and remote staff from cybercriminals. Educate your remote staff about cybersecurity through virtual training sessions.