Press Release

Shufti Pro’s® e-KYC services establish in the United Kingdom


Months of hard work and diligence in the fraud protection services resulted in Shufti Pro’s® setup in the UK as a registered company; scores of online businesses look forward to enter the realm of fast and secure e-KYC with the newly instated institute

BATH, United Kingdom – October 31, 2017 – Shufti Pro®, an emerging name in the e-KYC and digital identity verification milieu, got officially enlisted today at Bath, UK. Over the past few months, the venture had been striving to acquire registration.

With numerous clientele already pouring in, and customers looking forward to explore Shufti Pro’s® services, the SaaS had developed a relatively strong and deep-rooted foundational grounds before beginning to build their business up. They made sure their digital identity and document verification services were made up of state-of-the-art technology involving artificial and human intelligence. The SaaS performs real-time verification in the least time recorded across its competitors.

The quick, accurate and efficient process was well recognized by the concerned audience and earned Shufti Pro® the credibility and legitimacy before it got officially registered earlier today.

CEO, Shufti Pro® expressed his joy when he said:

“It is an exhilarating feeling to see months of uphill struggle finally bear fruit in the form of official registration in the UK. We set out on this journey with this very goal in mind and extended our aims way beyond this as we took the steps towards the being the best identity theft protection service. To see our basic goal achieved is merely an indication that we’re on the right track. It truly serves as a beacon of hope that our future goals are not difficult to attain as long as team work and working for the company, rather than for an individual or oneself, remains our primary strategy.”

With the excitement buzzing through the conglomerate, it is sufficient to bid best wishes to them. Shufti Pro® is definitely on its way to become a hallmark in the field of e-KYC , online ID verification and building a trusting client-customer relationship by putting their needs first. Being the most customisable and accurate software as a service in the market, Shufti Pro is set to break the barriers of technological advancements in online fraud prevention and making the global virtual market a safe and secure place for future trades and transactions.