Lawrence man indicted of identity theft found guilty

BOSTON (AP) — A man charged with using another person’s Social Security number to illegally obtain an identification card is faced with time in prison.

Moices Santilit, a Dominican national, was alleged guilty on Thursday on charges of identity theft and falsely using a Social Security number that did not belong to him. The Lawrence resident used the Social Security number of an American citizen in February 2016 to replicate a Massachusetts asbestos worker ID card under the victim’s name. The ruling for maliciously representing the Social Security number of another person provides for a maximum sentence of five years in prison and three years of supervised release. 

For identity theft, it carries an obligatory two years in prison to be served back-to-back with any other sentence inflicted as well as up to one year of supervised release.

Santilit is scheduled to be sentenced in the month of May.