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How Augmented Intelligence is next stop in ID Verification Services?

  • Richard Marley
  • July 04, 2018
  • 4 minutes read
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Augmented intelligence (AI), also referred to as intelligence augmentation (IA) and cognitive augmentation, is next level in Artificial Intelligence, fine tuning the overall automation process for different categories of tech industry including ID Verification services. Some skeptics believe that augmented intelligence will do away with human intelligence but in essence it is an effective way to make humans work in a refined environment with better productivity and trackable results.

From a purely academic standpoint, Augmented Intelligence is describe how normal human intelligence is supplemented through the use of technology. Over the years, we have seen technology supporting the daily work routines and even in some cases, social life of human beings through internet, software modules, social media and many other means. Now with concrete and results driven R&D at the helm, tech companies have been launching apps, softwares and programming modules that are making use of augmented intelligence to give an unprecedented boost to overall productivity of human beings. ID verification services are also another category of IT based services that stand to benefit from augmented intelligence.

Augmented Intelligence via Multiple Platforms

There are multiple platforms used by millions of users to gain access into social media website, their bank accounts, availing service from a ride sharing service and buying virtual currency from online exchanges among many other online tasks. Some prefer iOS based mobile devices, others are more inclined to use their Windows based Personal computers. So a product utilising augmented intelligence must also have a multichannel support so that an across the board access is available for a worldwide audience. Shufti Pro is one such product that believes on providing seamless identity verification services to its customers and augmented intelligence is cornerstone of the technology being utilised in Shufti Pro. It is supplementing the verification process with Artificial & Human Intelligence Hybrid.

The makers behind Shufti Pro also envisioned an effortless verification regime in which medium of verification never becomes a hurdle in the verification process itself. Shufti Pro easily integrates with pre-existing manuals and applications. API and SDK integration are available for Shufti Pro that are updated on regular basis in order to make the integration process hassle free for entire clientele of Shufti Pro. So, whether it is a Windows PC, Apple iOS or any smartphone with Android based mobile OS, Shufti Pro’s augmented intelligence works perfectly without any discrepancy in performance standards.

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How Augmented Intelligence is next stop in ID Verification Services?

Augmented Intelligence and ID Verification Services

Thanks to advances in the fields of cloud computing and mobility, we are generating and storing huge amounts of data. Processing that data to collect concrete information and verifiable credentials is core of ID verification services like Shufti Pro.

With hundreds of verifications required to be performed in any given second across the globe, the urgency given to Identity verification services is understandable. Only Augmented Intelligence can perform lightning quick verifications assisting human intelligence to skillfully validate each credential, document or personal detail provided by a potential client. In the absence of augmented intelligence, Identity verification services will take hundreds of man-hours and an unimaginable labour force to check each credential. This is the reason why Shufti Pro is not just a run of the mill Artificial Intelligence based solution but it also has the tendency of reducing the workload for human DEOs through augmented intelligence. Machine learning algorithms of Shufti Pro enable it to perform ID verification within 30-60 seconds processing time as well, setting new records in ID verification category.

Shufti Pro’s augmented intelligence backed verification services are must have product not only for banking organizations or financial institutions but for every business that is under the danger of being defrauded by identity theft or doctored credentials. KYC services from Shufti Pro are just one part of Identity verification services offered by this new age technology. It also offers AML Compliance services using enhanced modes of augmented intelligence that again helps institutions and online businesses to offset any financial risks that a potential customer or transaction can pose for them in future.

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