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Shufti Pro provides its solution via RESTful APIs that can be integrated with any/all platforms.
Through the back-office the user has an option to generate sample codes in different languages
based on the desired services. This option is a gateway to Shufti Pro’s seamless integration process.

Follow the given steps to generate a sample code in multiple languages:

  1. Log-in to Shufti Pro back-office using back-office credentials (Email and Password)
  2. Click on the “Integration” tab

Upon clicking on the “Integration” button, a new window opens up with multiple service options that
the user can choose from.

  1. Select desired services
  2. Click on “Proceed”

A new dialogue box opens up which requests the user to specify whether the verification should be
On-site” or “Off-site”. The second option requires the user to specify if the verification is with or
without OCR.

  1. Select any of the four services:

Onsite with OCR,
Onsite without OCR,
Offsite with OCR,
Offsite without OCR.

  1. After selecting the type of verification, click on “Next”

A dialog box appears that is used to specify additional functionalities of the verification process

This screen is used to specify the verification mode along with multiple functionalities of the UI. This
screen is also used to define functionalities of user inputs (Allow Online, Allow Offline).

After selecting these options, click on “Next” to proceed.

The next window asks the users to select fields they want to verify for each service.

  1. Click on “Next”

After selecting the desired parameters for all services, click on “Next”. This takes the user to the final
draft of sample codes that can be used for integration.

  1. Click on “Next”

The user has an option to choose from HTTP, JavaScript, PHP, Python (2 and 3), and Ruby. A sample
code according to the selected services and parameters is displayed in the code section.

  1. Another option is present on the left side of the same screen, that has an option to access
    API documentation for detailed description of integration options and verification services.