quora Dashboard


Shufti Pro offers its clients an all-encompassing dashboard that provides comprehensive information and insights, allowing them to monitor and assess their data in a single, convenient location. With the help of this dashboard, customers can easily get a comprehensive overview of their information, including detailed insights and analytics, at a single glance with the help of date range filter. The dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and highly intuitive, making it easy for customers to access the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Verification Status:

ShuftiPro dashboard shows the total number of verification in the form of a horizontal scroll using button which shows the verifications in following Statuses:

  1. Total Verifications
  2. Verified
  3. Pending
  4. Invalid
  5. Timeout
  6. Not verified
  7. In Process
  8. Found
  9. Not Found

To view the details of a particular verification, simply click on the corresponding Verification Card.

Most Used Services

This section displays the usage of Face, Document, Address and other services by the client. It includes the status of each service, such as verified, declined, and total, as well as the count for each stat. All information is displayed in separate cells for easy readability on the dashboard.

Payment Plan Details

This section give the complete overview of your payment plan on your account, including plan name (e.g. Monthly Subscription, Pay as you go), included services, remaining requests, expiry date, and account balance. The information is presented in a clear and organized format and is subject to change based on your set plan.

Verification Traffic by Location

The sections the global perspective on your verification traffic with ShuftiPro’s KYC platform. This section provides a world map highlighting the countries where end-users are performing verifications on your account. Stay informed on your global reach and target audience.”

Verfication Traffic by Date

Stay up to date on the daily performance of your verifications with this section. Get a complete overview of all verifications that were verified or declined on a specific day. Customize your view by selecting your preferred chart style, such as bar or line chart.