China officially recognizes Blockchain jobs as a new occupation

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is modifying blockchain companies, and its effect is not always negative for the blockchain industry. In spite of the latest Coronavirus crisis-fueled changes, China is moving one step ahead towards blockchain adoption to officially acknowledge industry jobs.

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, or MOHRSS, is responsible for national labor policies and regulations. They have recently included blockchain-related jobs to a list of officially recognized jobs.

On May 11, MOHRSS gave a statement that blockchain-related professions, such as tech developers, engineers, and analysts, are among the 10 newly acknowledged jobs. The compass of a blockchain-related job includes a wide range of activities including architecture design, underlying technology, system application, and testing, in addition to operation and maintenance.

The ministry noted that the formal introduction of the new occupation types is in line with the country’s increasing demand to boost employment during the Coronavirus pandemic. The decision to update new types of jobs as officially recognized occupations seemingly addresses immense job losses in China after months of lockdown over the outbreak.

The news comes amidst China gradually increasing the pace of its blockchain adoption. In addition to moving ahead with blockchain projects in spite of the Coronavirus dilemma, China is also improving its overall blockchain adoption strategy in line with the order by China’s President Xi Jinping.