New European Legislative Proposals to Transform the Digital Platforms

A new act is proposed by the European Commission to enhance digital spaces. A new set of rules has been recommended for all the digital services including social media, online marketplaces, and other platforms that operate online in the European Union region. These reforms are known as Digital Service Act and Digital Market Act. 

With these new reforms, the users’ rights will be better protected and the digital market will be more open and fairer for everyone. The new rules will bring innovation and growth in the market and enhance the user experience by providing reliable services online. The smaller platforms and start-ups will be fully supported. They will be provided easier access to customers and at the same time, the compliance expense will be lowered. 

The new reforms will not allow the unfair conditions that are enforced by online platforms. These two Acts will be able to fulfill the ambitions of the commission to revamp the Digital Decade in Europe.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, said: “The two proposals serve one purpose: to make sure that we, as users, have access to a wide choice of safe products and services online. And that businesses operating in Europe can freely and fairly compete online just as they do offline. This is one world. We should be able to do our shopping in a safe manner and trust the news we read. Because what is illegal offline is equally illegal online.” 

According to the commissioner, this proposal will be organizing the digital space for the next ten years. The regulations will be more harmonized and they will be enforced more speedily. It will be ensured that anyone who is using or offering digital services in Europe will be benefited in regards to security, trust, and better business enhancement.