Shufti Pro Introduces Digital COVID Pass for COVID Test Verification

Shufti Pro has launched a Digital Covid Pass solution to promptly verify the COVID PCR-test reports for public facilities like airports, cinemas, malls, restaurants, arenas, etc. 

Around the globe, new restrictions are being imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus disease, especially with the new variants of the virus. These new restrictions require the people to present their negative COVID test report to ensure the citizens do not get exposed to the virus. Since people are reluctant to change their plans due to the COVID test, they will present a fake or older report. Unfortunately, the authorities are not doing much to verify the authenticity of the COVID test reports and manual checking of each and every report is a bit of a concern for authorities. 

Shufti Pro has introduced a state of the art solution, Digital COVID Pass, that can simplify the process by verifying the COVID test report within seconds. Our AI-powered OCR technology can extract and analyze the QR code embedded in the test report to guarantee its legitimacy. Document verification is used to ensure that the test result is not fake by verifying the identity of the citizen against their test report. 

To cater to the needs of our customers, our highly accurate solution can be used by either integrating it into apps or just accessing it through the webpage without any requirement of app installation. The flexible solution allows printed report as well as QR code authentication options. 

CTO of Shufti Pro, Shahid Hanif spoke about the flexibility of the solution, “Our all-rounder Digital COVID Pass can be accessed through a browser without any installation at all. It’s equally useful for both, printed test results and QR code verification.” 

Talking about the dedication of his team, Shahid said; “Team Shufti Pro will always be in the front line whenever there is the need for a technical revolution in the digital identity landscape.” 

During the start of the pandemic, Shufti Pro gave 10 million free verifications to fight fraud in these tough times. Now the Digital COVID Pass solution will help the business to safely resume their normal operations by detecting the fraudulent COVID test reports. 

CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung, talks about the significance of digital test verification, “We at Shufti Pro believe that fast yet authentic security is the future, so Digital COVID pass is designed for safe and fast adaptation to the new normal. That is why we are extending technology customization offers to any businesses, public facilities or airport authorities who are willing to use our solution.”

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