Cloudflare Discloses Another huge DDoS Attack

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, a surf in internet traffic can be seen and thus, an increase in cyberattacks. DDoS attacks are getting complex over time and levitating each passing day. Hackers are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the network. A four-day attack was witnessed by Cloudflare in late June which involved 316,000 unique sending addresses with 754 million packets per second peak rate.

Cloudflare revealed a DDoS attack on June 21 and mitigated it. Cloudflare researchers reported in a blogpost that this cyberattack was the combination of three TCP attack vectors; ACK floods, SYN floods, and SYN-ACK floods. In this four-day period, the attack sustained a peak rate of 400-600 million packets per second and crossed 700 multiple times. 

The packet-based volumetric DDoS attack was endeavored to jam the routers and all data center appliances of Cloudflare and didn’t flood the in-bound data connections. The company says that these huge cyberattacks continue despite their decrease and size or volume of DD0S attacks. 

Cloudflare says in its blog post that the attack was detected and handled automatically by their DDoS detection system and does not involve any manual interventions. It also says that the attack was an organized four-day campaign that remained from June 18 to June 21