Travel and Leisure Industry is at Peril of Facing Data Breach


The travel and leisure industry is already facing a difficult time right now, they do not need to make it to the grave headlines now. Famous brands like Expedia,, and have become a victim of cyberattacks and data breach. The breach includes the booking information, names, addresses, numbers, and credit card information of the customers. 

It’s a well-known fact that credit card information is a goldmine for fraudsters and hackers. It is important for businesses to fill any loopholes or vulnerabilities in their systems and they should take measures to prevent any possibility of fraudulent activities. They must also take measures to avoid financial penalties that global regulators enforce. 

Ticketmaster has been fined around £1.25 million by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s office They were fined due to their inability to keep the customers’ personal data safe. Data hacking has led to compromising the customers’ credit card information. 

In order to remove the risk, technology is being used by various to verify the identities and remove the sensitive credit information from the system so there is no data to steal. 

This proves that technology has ensured that organizations are taking their data breach issues seriously.