Hacker Group Profited $7M in Crypto by Selling Stolen Credit Cards


A hacker group “Keeper” developed an interconnected network of over 570 eCommerce sites to steal credit cards. Since 2017, the gang has profited about $7 million in crypto by selling the information of stolen credit cards through the dark web. 

According to the study conducted by threat intelligence firm, Gemini Advisory, on July 7, the hacker gang created 64 attacker and 73 exfiltration domains. Using these domains, the credit card data was retrieved from various eCommerce sites of about 55 countries. In these malicious domains, a login panel for each eCommerce site was hosted and malware payload was injected into it to get credit card data.

The United States, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are the most affected countries due to these cyberattacks. Between July 2018 and April 2019, about 184,000 credit cards were compromised. However, still, the exact numbers are not known. The gang is still active to perform cyberattacks and researchers say that now the gang has improved technical skills to attack.  

Ameet Naik, security expert at PerimeterX, a cybersecurity firm, told Cointelegraph:

“Digital skimming and Magecart attacks are a lucrative business for hackers yielding rich bounties. Large scale operations like these can still compromise hundreds of thousands of credit cards even though they don’t target major high traffic stores. Businesses need to remain vigilant to Magecart attacks by locking down their infrastructure, using strong multi-factor authentication whenever possible and  leveraging client-side application protection solutions that can detect and stop such attacks in real-time.”