Internet infrastructure industry plans on ensuring internet trust amidst COVID-19 outbreak


As a global crisis emerges due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and global population practices social isolation, the internet is becoming crucial to billions of people for work purposes, leisure and attaining information. This requires exceptional trust in the system, the services, and processes that power the Internet and are enabled by it.

Internet infrastructure service providers are well aware of the efforts required to maintain that trust and are dedicated to go beyond standard procedure in fighting Coronavirus related fraud and other illegal activity performed online.

Michele Neylon tweeted:

The i2Coalition’s diverse membership consists of both large and small Internet service providers such as web hosting companies, software services providers, data centers, domain registrars and registries. Majority of their customers, including small business owners, increasingly rely on the Internet to provide their services to millions of Americans. In this uncertain time, i2Coalition members are ready to help their customers with transitions or enhance their business operations online, so that they can focus on their work while staying informed on the outbreak situation. 

The i2Coalition’s members are directed on supporting their clients and committed to preventing the occurrences of fraud on their networks. The company stated, “We strive every day to combat fraud and given the current public health crisis we are stepping up enforcement even more on these activities.” 

Further, the i2Coalition plans on working with government officials, including law enforcement agencies, to protect the public interest against COVID-19 related fraud and scams while simultaneously working to ensure the privacy and free speech of their customers. “During these extraordinary times, our job is not just to keep the Internet going, but to ensure it is trustworthy, open, safe and secure, and we intend to carry on our duties to the best of our abilities,” the company officials claimed.