Catch Shufti Pro at SBC Digital Payments- an Event by SBC Events

  • April 27, 2021
  • 2 minutes read
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London UK- Team Shufti Pro is eager to attend SBC Digital Payment by SBC Events to discuss the latest developments and innovations in Payments and Compliance.

The event, occurring on 29th April, will be a day full of end-to-end discussion on payments, compliance and fintech specific to the betting and gaming industry. SBC is opening up myriad opportunities by bringing together the fintech-leading minds and decision-makers in payment in the betting and gaming industry. The experts will share their insights regarding the key areas of KYC, compliance, fraud, AML, and cryptocurrencies in the industry and discuss the cutting-edge solution for success in the sector. Over 750 delegates and 300 operator delegates are attending the event with 40 world-class speakers and 15 exhibitors. The event opens the door for networking and connection-building with the market leaders to spark an interesting and valuable discussion between industry vendors and clientele looking for a potential solution.

Shufti Pro is an AI-powered identity verification service provider that offers robust KYC and AML services to their clientele worldwide. It assists various industries in meeting their regulatory needs including financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce. Shufti Pro is known to provide swift and highly accurate identity verification service with its cutting edge technology that comes with enhanced customer experience. When it comes down to digital payments and compliances, the issue of financial crime and customer experience is also raised. By taking part in the SBC Digital Payments, Team Shufti Pro will highlight the growing concern of illicit activities like money laundering and fraud in the online gaming and betting sector and will join heads with the industry leaders to come up with the most effective solution.

Save the date and join our team to be a part of this mind-opening discussion deciding the future of digital payments and compliances in the online betting and gaming sector.