Risk Assessment

Establish trust by evaluating your customers’ risk factors through custom questionnaires and fraud prevention data points

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Prohibited
  • Create dynamic questionnaires
  • Define data points for fraud prevention
  • Set individual weightage for risk parameters
  • Get customer details in multiple formats
  • Calculate personalised customer risk scores

Evaluate Customer Risk
Factors using Fraud
Prevention Rules

Define risk scores for fraud prevention checks
based on your business requirements

Face Verification


Filter out invalid email addresses and dummy accounts that are not part of your company’s mailing lists

IP Address

IP Address

Identify and match the IP address of a potential customer to verify their respective area & jurisdiction

Phone number

Phone number

Verify area codes and phone extensions to track your customers’ location and prevent sim-swapping fraud



Refine risk scores based on the number of successful/failed verification attempts in a given time

Questionnaires for
Customer Risk Scoring

Obtain detailed customer information with multiple answer types to choose from. Set your own risk parameters and scores for each section of the questionnaire

Radio buttons
Drop down
File attachments
Country CSV
Custom CSV
Linear scale

Assign a risk score to your customers
through customised questionnaires

Helping businesses identify high-risk customers through a customisable CRS Questionnaire

Calculate the Fraud Risk of potential customers 
with Shufti Pro’s customer risk scoring service

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Short Questions
  • Document Verification
  • Options for Pre and Post-KYC Implementation
  • Drop down menus
  • Scoring Against Individual Data Points
  • Customisable Answer Types
  • Additional Document request through SP Shufti Pro OCR
  • Free text

How Shufti Pro’s Customer Risk Solution Works

Customer onboarding journey Customer onboarding journey

Configurable risk assessment solution for any industry

Configure Shufti Pro’s customer risk scoring solution and set your own custom risk parameters for personalised customer risk analysis

Group the risk parameters of your questionnaire for effective customer risk scoring

Banking/Finance/ FinTech/Investment


  • Profession
  • Employment status
  • Source of funds


  • Area/Jurisdiction (High-risk or low-risk)
  • Transaction amounts
  • UBOs


  • Age
  • Address
  • Geolocation and IP
  • PEP
  • Area/Jurisdiction (High-risk or low-risk)


  • Payment methods used
  • Currency (Crypto/Fiat)
  • Transaction patterns
  • Amount spent on bets


  • Source of funds
  • Area/Jurisdiction (High-risk or Low-risk)
  • Transaction amounts

Healthcare/ Insurance

  • Employment status
  • UBOs
  • Source of funds
  • Age
  • Transaction patterns
  • Account activity


  • Area/Jurisdiction (High-risk or low-risk)
  • UBOs
  • Account activity
  • Employment status
  • Source of funds


  • Age
  • Passport