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Proof of




Account opening

Build trust and make operations seamless

The financial industry is struggling to fight sophisticated fraud, as well as well as onboarding legitimate customers. Shufti Pro’s award-winning Identity Verification solution is well equipped to ensure risk-free operations and help you to maintain the highest data protection standards.

  • Prevent financial crimes
  • Swift and frictionless experience
  • Increase operational transparency
  • KYC and AML compliant

Customer onboarding

Swiftly onboard legitimate customers in real time

Eliminate the risk of synthetic identity fraud and financial crimes with the most modern and secure Identity Verification solution. Enhance operational efficiency, increase conversion rates and become trustworthy in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

  • Maximise client confidence
  • Meet KYC and AML compliance
  • Prevent fraud
  • Securely onboard remote users

Document verification

Effortlessly capture and authenticate client documents

Deter synthetic identity fraud risk and confidently verify your customers to get a clear picture of their identity with our unmatched document authentication solution. Scan, read and extract information from government-issued documents to check the authenticity in less than a second.

  • Speed up customer onboarding
  • Increase customer satisfaction rate
  • Enrol legitimate clients
  • Prevent synthetic fraud

KYC compliance

Become credible and ensure risk-free onboarding

Verifying customer identity eliminates the risks of online fraud and financial crimes. Authenticate ID documents, determine geolocation and enable mobile 2FA from anywhere in a few seconds through our award-winning identity verification services with 99% accuracy.

  • Safeguard privacy standards
  • Get global coverage
  • Increase customer security
  • Increase transparency

AML screening

Holistic solution to ensure compliance with global AML /CTF regulations

Holistic solution to ensure compliance with global AML /CTF regulations Our AI-powered AML Screening services enable businesses to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes while ensuring they remain compliant with regulatory obligations. With Shufti Pro’s comprehensive AML Screening suite, you can sift out suspicious entities and transactions in less than a second.

  • Interactive user interface
  • Fully automated monitoring
  • Access to 1700+ datasets
  • Enhanced data security

Age verification

Eliminate minor consent exploitation and ensure age compliance

Stay clear of savvy minors using a relative’s ID to access age-restricted content and restrict criminal entities lurking around ready to exploit teenagers and your business. Fraud prevention, effective legal age compliance, swift customer onboarding – get this and more all under one umbrella with Shufti Pro!

  • Real-time fraud prevention
  • Easy integration
  • Effective KYC compliance
  • GDPR-compliant solution

Biometric authentication

3D biometric technology for fast, frictionless identity verification

Remove friction and delays – make signup and onboarding processes seamless and hassle-free. Shufti Pro’s Biometric Authentication provides a robust and cost-effective approach to meet KYC/AML while eradicating the risk of cybercrimes.

  • Ongoing transaction authentication
  • Fast authentication
  • Smooth interoperability
  • 3D liveness detection

Fraud prevention

Deter crimes and ensure a secure digital ecosystem

Deter crimes and ensure a secure digital ecosystem Verifying customers' true identities and keeping fraudsters at bay is quite challenging for businesses. Companies need the Shufti Pro protection and solution which is robust when it comes to addressing different areas of fraud including but not limited to identity theft, spoofing, account takeovers, chargeback, and card not present fraud.

  • Prevent synthetic identity fraud
  • Identify fraudsters in real-time
  • 2-layer authentication
  • Decrease net losses

Business verification

Fast-track business verification with an award-winning KYB solution

Experience next-generation business onboarding services that that meet KYC and AML compliance regulations. Ensure the right identity checks to build a customer base with our all-in-all Know-Your-Business solution. Shufti Pro’s market-leading KYB services offer you effortless integration, with strong protection against against fraudulent entities.

  • Comprehensive business data
  • Effortless regulatory compliance
  • Ultimate fraud cover
  • Updated company databases

Case management

Flexible and powerful solutions to boost compliance team productivity

Monitor ongoing transactions and make risk assessments that meet regulatory requirements. With Shufti Pro’s KYC and AML solutions businesses can swiftly identify and review suspicious activities, perform document authentication and timely file SARs. To eliminate the risk of financial loss, consider integrating our services today.

  • Ongoing transaction monitoring
  • Overcome non-compliance fines
  • Filing SARs in real time
  • Risk assessment score calculation

Investor verification

Safeguard investments with Shufti Pro's Know Your Investor solution

Eliminate the risk of investment fraud and confidently meet compliance requirements. With Shufti Pro’s KYI Service, authenticate real identities, verify corporate documents and identify potential financial risks associated with your investors. Onboard legitimate investors in less than a second with 99% accuracy.

  • High assurance identification
  • No need to hire KYI experts
  • Risk-free investor onboarding
  • Save valuable time

Proof of address

Verify customer addresses in real time

Add an additional risk-mitigation layer to ensure legitimate clients receive services at a real address. Re-define the way you verify addresses to increase identity assurance while delivering a better account opening experience for your customers. Get accurate, automated address verification for Proof of Address in less than a second.

  • Reduce address fraud
  • Ensure legit onboarding
  • Remain compliant
  • Increase onboarding speed


Global Trust Platform – designed for the future

Reduce your reliance on paper documents throughout the verification procedure and ensure seamless user experiences. Shufti Pro's Identity Verification system, complete with AI, ML, OCR and Biometric technologies, will secure your business' digital ecosystem.

  • Touchless verification
  • Frictionless customer experience
  • Error-free customer onboarding
  • Help reduce paper waste

Features & Benefits
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Proprietary AI & ML technology puts cutting-edge innovation to work for you

Millions of successful KYC checks performed annually, providing peace of mind knowing you’re working with an experienced partner

230+ countries, territories & 150+ languages supported so you can confidently on-board customers 24/7 globally

Quickly verify customers using thousands of documents in seconds with over 99% accuracy

One API with a suite of 17+ services for an all-in-one compliance solution

Industry-leading compliance & security standards set a high bar and help you stay ahead of malicious actors

Pay-as-you-go, or pay upfront with flexible pricing plans to get you started. We don't insist on a minimum commitment from you until you are sure we are the right Identity Verification partner for you