Stay Competitive in Today's Dynamic FinTech and Banking Industry with Risk Assessment Solution

Know the potential risks of your clients and identify high-risk customers through rigid AML and KYC checks. Ensure compliance and seamless customer onboarding whilst eliminating the risk of financial crimes.

Efficiently Onboard Customers and Meet Compliance with Shufti Pro

Experience seamless integration and complete industry-specific solutions with our easy-to-use platform.

Industry Native

Industry Native

Specialized workflows and customisable data points for banking and FinTech.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Multiple platform integrations in a matter of seconds.

Complete Suite

Complete Suite

From risk scoring to filing SARs, Shufti Pro got you covered.

End-to-End Regulatory Compliant Customer Risk Assessment Lifecycle

Shufti Pro brings risk assessment and compliance management services under one platform, allowing financial institutions to streamline risk identification and onboarding processes whilst eliminating redundancies.

Customer Risk

Our risk assessment solution helps businesses mitigate customer risk and comply with regulations by conducting thorough background checks and screening against global watchlists, ensuring secure customer onboarding.

  • Identity Verification and Validation
  • Reputational Checks
  • Ensuring Secure Remote Account Opening
  • Mule Accounts Detection
  • Screening Individuals From Multiple AML Lists

Transaction Monitoring

Combat financial crimes with our real-time transaction monitoring solution. Designed for banks and fintech, our solution identifies suspicious activities to mitigate risks. Enhance your risk assessment and compliance efforts with our cutting-edge technology.

  • Scrutinising Credit Rating
  • Monitoring Disproportionate Transaction Patterns
  • Verifying the Source of Funds
  • Detection of Illicit Funds Transactions With Non-Profit Organisations
  • Detection of Structuring Payments
  • Prevent Round-Tripping

Delivery Channel Risk

Assesses and manages potential Delivery Channel Risks in the banking and fintech industry with advanced RegTech solutions. Ensure a seamless customer experience across various channels such as mobile apps, websites, and digital platforms

  • Assessing And Validating the Use of Phantom Firms
  • Chargeback Prevention
  • Detecting Stolen Credit/Debit Card Usage

Geographical Risk

Mitigate geographical risks for global financial transactions with Shufti Pro's risk assessment. Our technology assesses and manages risks associated with different countries, jurisdictions, and regions for secure and compliant operations.

  • Validating Country Risk
  • Detecting Use of Offshore Tax Havens
  • Prevent Round-Tripping
  • Identifying Sovereign Risk
  • Assessing Sanction Evasion

Geopolitical Risk

Manage your Geopolitical Risk in banking and FinTech with Shufti Pro. Stay AML and CTF compliant whilst dealing with global clients and identifying potential risks worldwide.

  • Assessing The Political Instability of the Country
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Evaluating the Financial Inclusion Index
  • Identifying Trade War Countries

Product Risk

Shufti Pro provides comprehensive risk assessment solution to mitigate product risks, safeguarding customer safety and protecting businesses from financial losses. This ensures secure customer onboarding and transactions.

  • Preventing Account Takeovers
  • Providing Reliable Authentication Checks
  • Implementation of Strong Access Controls


Ensure regulatory compliance with regular reporting to relevant authorities. Our risk assessment reports include details on detected suspicious activities for added transparency and security.

  • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)
  • Currency Transaction Report (CTR)

Record Keeping

We ensure continuous customer activity monitoring to meet regulatory obligations whilst offering policies that dictate record-keeping standards for added transparency and compliance.

  • Customer Identification Records
  • Transaction Records
  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Compliance Training Records
  • Source of Funds Records

Why Choose Shufti Pro’s Risk Assessment Tailored to Banking/fintech Industry

Provide your customers with a safe and sound banking/fintech experience by determining high-risk clients whilst adhering to KYC AML compliance in real time.