Proof of Verification

Ensure transparency and evidentiary value through Shufti Pro’s proof of the verification feature

  • Image and video proof of each verification
  • Multiple user access to back-office
  • Download/delete proof of verification
  • Facility to add additional proof after verification
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Proofs as Evidence

Shufti Pro offers two ways to represent proof of verification

Video Proof

Complete video of the verification process is recorded and stored in the back-office for an in-depth review later.

Image Proof

Live images of each verification step are captured in real-time and stored with timestamps in the back-office.

Generate Intensive Reports with Verification Data & Logs

Shufti Pro provides intensive reports of your customers with complete verification data & logs in a structured format for a thorough assessment.

Our clients can download these reports for record-keeping or review them anytime from the back-office. Shufti Pro’s back-office gives you access to the entire customer data collected during the verification process. Our customers can get detailed insights into:

  • Documents used for verifications
  • Verified information of the identity documents
  • Details about a fuzzy match
  • Complete geolocation data

Moreover, our back-office contains browser information of all customers as a complementary section for in-depth device tracking. All-in-all our back-office is the key to the data realm of your customers.

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Verification Proof of Services

To keep track of all verifications performed, Shufti Pro offers verification proof of all the services be it address verification or identity verification.

  • Proof of address verification
  • Proof of age verification
  • Proof of ID document verification
  • Proof of consent verification

You can test our back office and services anytime, without any subscriptions.

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Why you need Proof of Verification

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Real-time Reporting

Clients get verification results in real-time with proper declined reasons in case verification fails

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On-target Results

Clients get a detailed downloadable report including verification results, geolocation data, and image/video proof

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Prompt Action

With visual proofs, clients can effortlessly build their case that why a customer was denied service

Post Verification Proofs

Shufti Pro allows clients to request additional post-verification identity proofs from their end-users within a certain time limit set by the client.

The proofs uploaded by the users goes directly into the back-office. The client can view these proofs manually and can accept or reject.

Post verification proof facility helps our customers develop a thorough profile of their clients, so their back office contains all the information that they might need for customer onboarding experiences.

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Your Customer’s Data is Safe with Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro keeps in check the international data and cybersecurity guidelines regarding the privacy and security of your customer data.




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