Shufti Pro

Proof of Verification

Proof of Verification

In order to ensure transparency and provide Evidentiary Value, Shufti Pro customers are supplied with Proof of verification in the Back-office.

Shufti Pro collects following
information as evidence:

Recorded video stream of verification process

Random images at each verification step

This data is accessible 24/7 by Shufti Pro’s customers at the Back Office as proof of video verification, Instant Capture verifications and AML screenings.

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    Real Time Reporting

    Shufti Pro customers are provided real time reports about verifications performed by end-users. Reasons for declining a verification is also mentioned in case of a failed verification

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    Better Customer Service

    Our clients will be given visual proofs that can help them build their case that why a certain customer was denied a service or was not sold a particular product.

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    On-target Results

    We gather geolocation information, verification data, service-specific results, and image/video proofs, offering a detailed downloadable report.