NFC Verification

  • Scan all ICAO 9303-based NFC chips
  • Contactless Identity Verification
  • Minimum users’ turnaround time
  • Support 121+ countries' NFC documents
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Swift & Secure KYC Process for Remote Customer Onboarding

56% of customers in the UK abandon the KYC process due to complex checks. NFC verification solution makes it easier to conform to stringent compliance regulations while giving a great customer experience. Shufti Pro’s NFC Verification is an ideal KYC solution for businesses looking forward to digital transformation. With our feature-loaded NFC verification services for mobile onboarding, your end-users only need a mobile phone and NFC-enabled identity document.

Shufti Pro's NFC
Verification Process

Scan. Verify. Onboard.

User Upload

Step 1

The customer uploads an NFC-enabled ID document image


Step 2

The customer taps the NFC-enabled ID document against their device


Step 3

NFC Verification matches the data from the NFC chip against document data

Verification Result

Step 4

Results are delivered in real-time and updated in the back-office


NFC Identity Verification – Secure, Instant, Reliable

Utilizing the NFC capability of a smartphone, Shufti Pro’s NFC IDV solution reads the user’s data from all ICAO 9303-based NFC chip-based documents & validates the identity of a user in seconds.

More than 1.6 Billion (81%) smartphones are now NFC-enabled

e-IDV for Banking

Use NFC verification for payment authentication, identity verification, and login authentication

e-IDV for Insurance

Identity verification with NFC verification technology only needs NFC-enabled ID documents and a mobile phone with NFC technology

e-IDV for Healthcare

NFC chips are hard to tamper with. Hence it detects fake document information instantly.

e-IDV for Fintechs

It removes the need for manual data inputs and makes it as simple as just tapping the document against the phone.


Automated flexible and global

NFC-enabled Passport

Global Trust

NFC-enabled ID Cards

powered verification

NFC-enabled Drivers License


For businesses

  • Utmost fraud detection and prevention
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Cloning detection for chip authenticity
  • Compliant with regulations

For end-users

  • Instant verification within seconds
  • Convenient and reliable
  • No additional hardware needed
  • 100% automated process

Why Choose Shufti Pro NFC Verification

We continuously upgrade our services by introducing & leveraging innovative technologies to your expectations in the digitised world

Minimal Data Mistakes

Reading the chip digitally minimises the risk of any error that might occur because of in-efficient OCR data extraction or typing mistakes

KYC verification

Strong Data Privacy

GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant solutions to verify customers worldwide. Achieve strong data privacy with our NFC Verification solution and successfully meet regulatory obligations

99% accuracy

Global Support

Verify customers from 230+ countries and territories with NFC Verification in real-time

230+ countries

Efficient Scanning

Leveraging advanced technologies that can scan chip-based ID documents through NFC-enabled smartphones seamlessly

faster onboarding

Fight fraud effectively with feature-enriched NFC technology

Leverage our technology that reads NFC chip data standardized by ICAO 9303 and scans all DG-1 and DG-2 information of up to 11 data points to prevent fraudulent customers and efficiently deter the risk of manipulation.

  • Catch Identity Thieves instantly
  • Detect Signs of Manipulation
  • Protection against spoofing attempts.
  • End-to-end encrypted data transfer.

Catalyzing Conversion Rates in Diverse Industries

Next-gen onboarding solutions: contact-free, mobile-centric, and industry-specific.

Know your customer


Say goodbye to synthetic identity fraud with NFC Verification

AML screening

Financial Institutions

Account takeover fraud? Not with NFC Verification

Facial biometric authentication


Facilitating the public just got more seamless with NFC Verification

Video KYC


Frictionless passenger/tourist onboarding. Could it be any easier?

Know your business


NFC Verification – Helping you protect patient records at all costs

OCR for businesses

Payment Industry

Lend money to the legitimate ones only!